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 Inclement Weather Procedures

 · SVTS will be responsible for monitoring weather conditions.

 · Dispatch will monitor weather conditions closely via the Internet, radio, and other weather media sources.

 · Dispatch and Driver’s Supervisor will make every effort to arrive at the SVTS office by 5:00 am that morning.

 · If weather conditions indicate a heavy snow and/or snow covered roads, dispatch will instruct the Drivers not to leave home until they hear from dispatch.


 · In addition, Dispatch and Driver’s Supervisor will make the decision whether services may or may not be provided.  There may be some instances whereas the main roads are cleared but side roads are not.  Therefore partial service may be provided.

 · Dispatch must contact all SVTS drivers to let them know what was decided.

  (Note:  The driver is responsible for contacting the recipients.)

 · Dispatch and Driver’s Supervisor may decide to operate on a two-(2) hour delay or not to operate at all.

 · If possible we will use our all wheel drive vehicles to transport Dialysis at their regular time.

 · If the decision is made not to operate we will contact all Dialysis patients first to let them know of our decision.  If needed we will contact the local Rescue Squads to let them know of the situation and ask for their assistance.

  · After a decision is made a message will be left at the Crisis Center in Prestonsburg at 886-8572 for the MCCC Programs.  The message will be left prior to 6:00 am.

 · Dispatch must also contact all programs, facilities, Doctor offices, or any other business impeded by our decision to make them aware of the situation.

 · If road conditions prohibit SVTS from providing services in the AM or early morning hours SVTS may be able to transport later in the day if or as road conditions improve.

 · If the inclement weather should occur Dispatch and Driver’s Supervisor may decide after the recipients have been taken to the destination. The drivers will pick up early if needed to ensure safety.

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