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Rules of the Bus


1.  Public Transit Riders – Pay the correct fare when boarding.


2.  Respect others at all times.


3.  No profane or vulgar language on SVTS properties.


4.  Do not defecate, urinate or release other body fluids on the bus.


5.  No radios unless headphones are used and noise will not disturb other passengers.


6.  Do not physically or verbally abuse, threaten or attack other passengers or the bus operator.


7.  Do not board the bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


8.  Do not engage in lewd or offensive conduct or indecent exposure.


9.  Do not place anything on the floor that may roll or move when unattended.


10.  Properly controlled “service animals” accompanying disabled persons are the only animals permitted.


11.  Be polite, leave the front seat available for senior citizens and disabled people.


12.  Prohibited items include, but not limited to: Guns, Hazardous Materials, Explosives, Knives, and Dangerous Liquids.


13.  No smoking, drinking or eating in SVTS vehicles.


14.  All passengers are required to abide by applicable safety belt regulations.


15.  Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop for disembarking.


16.  All passengers must be fully clothed; including shirts and shoes must be worn at all time.


17.  Keep aisle clear; fold and stow strollers for the safety of your child and other passengers.


18.  Do not stick hands, arms or head out of window.


19.  Keep feet off of seats and do not take up more than one seat.


20.  We are not responsible for personal items left on the vehicle.


 Violations of the above code of conduct may be reported to the local authorities for disposition.  Buses are equipped with audio/video recording devices.  Violators forfeit any unused portion of pass, ticket or cash fee.


Carry-On Packages:  To provide safe, reliable transportation service to the public, all passengers shall be allowed to carry on an unlimited, manageable number of bags.  


These rules are in place to ensure that all passengers will have a safe and pleasant trip while riding SVTS.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Edited 9/2/16


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