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Español            Sandy Valley Transportation Services, Inc.
                             Pilot Program for 
                     Floyd County Public Transit
            Transit Hours of Operation 9:00am - 3:00pm  
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Abbott Old Allen Weeksbury Wayland Ligon
Katy Friend New Allen Melvin Lackey Teaberry
Town Branch Emma Wheelwright Stone Coal/Garrett Mud Creek
Lancer Endicott Bevinsville Bosco/Eastern Grethel
Mining Camp Br. Cow Creek Hi Hat Maytown (Langley) Honaker
Water Gap Sugar Loaf Price Warco Harold
Middle Creek Dixie/Goble Roberts Spewing Camp Martin Area Rt. 80 Side Betsy Layne
Rt. 114 Highland Heights McDowell Bull Creek Left/Right Stanville
West Prestonsburg Corn Fork Minnie Hippo Ivel
  Lancer Drift Pyramid Dana
  Auxier Hunter David/Blue River Dwale
  Mays Branch Printer Stephens Branch  
  Spradlin Branch Martin Area Rt. 122 side Bucks Branch  
    Arkansas Crk/Cracker Bottom    

*  In order to schedule transportation you must call SVTS 24 hours prior to your transportation need.
*  Scheduling hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm.  Please call 1-800-444-7433 and ask for
   Dial-A-Ride or press 1.
*  Fee of $1.00 per stop
*  Service is offered on a Door to Door basis.  Transportation is available to Wal-Mart and 
    within the In-town area of Paintsville.
*  Seating may be limited.  All trips will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
*  Packages, Bags, etc. are limited to what you can hold on your lap.
*  SVTS is not responsible for any personal items left on the bus.
*  This Schedule is subject to change.

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